"Kaye's ability to blend our very different styles was amazing! Between the two of us, we had a love of Craftsman, Victorian, and Eastern Indian styles. We were thrilled with the end result.....a very diverse, yet cohesive design. Our home was also featured in an article in 5280 magazine."
Bill and Maya Trinen, Observatory Park/Denver

"When creating the design for our Dinners ala Carte in Highlands Ranch, Kaye's insight created the exact feel we were hoping for. The warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere also combined the function we needed for ourselves and our customers."
Nick Schaefer, Littleton CO

Kaye Puckett

"My wife and I are busy professionals, we required a designer with experience in both construction and interior decor. With our hectic schedules, we needed someone to handle the job from start to finish on our new Urban/Contemporary home. Everything has exceeded our expectations....the house, the finishes, the furniture and art....we love it!"
Jon and Ami Seier, Denver

"We brought Kaye in during the early construction phase. The task of selecting cabinets, counters, tile designs, paint, plumbing and lighting seemed overwhelming! Her expertise made it all so much fun and removed the stress. She was then able to do a great job of blending our existing furniture with new pieces. Our gorgeous Colorado style home is the result."
Mark and Aletia Westlake, Roxborough Park

"I love working with Kaye because she has terrific color sense and great ideas about how to work with difficult spaces. I admire the fact that she does a great job working with your existing items and adding a few new key items for an overall "new" updated look. Kaye always seems to know what to do with spaces that have baffled me and we always end up with great looking things that generally save me money in the long run! "
Dr. Wayne & Mimi Gersoff, Cherry Hills

"My husband and I had just returned from a trip to Italy and loved it! We moved into a home with a Tuscan design, but it was still not quite there. We brought Kaye in to help us complete the look. With her quick work of paint, window treatments and accessories, we're now living in the Tuscan home we're always dreamed of!"
Jeff and Elle Kahler, Castle Rock

"We began the construction process on our own, and soon decided we needed help! Kaye was an invaluable part of balancing both the desires of myself and my husband. Her professionalism, organization and ability to keep us on track made the process much easier. Also, building in a historical neighborhood, we had a desire to make sure our home had the same nostalgia. Kaye created that feeling both inside and out."
>Pam Charron, Park Hill/Denver

"My wife and I contracted Kaye to help us remodel our new vacation home in Frisco. Our criteria: family friendly, natural elements, alot of light/color and multi-use spaces. The transformation was amazing! Our friends and family are really enjoying this home!"
Dave Cole, Roxborough Park

"Kaye is our 1 stop shop.....She has done all 3 of our homes from Evergreen to Grand Lake to Greenwood Village. Each house required a very different look and feel. Working with our builder and architect, she designed everything from blueprint phase on through furnitre, windows and accessories."
Tom and Judy Warren, Greenwood Village

"Living in Texas, and summering in Evergreen, we didn't want to spend our vacation time shopping and working on the house. We needed a designer who could handle every detail. Kaye was fantastic! She completely fulfilled our dream of a care-free, elegant mountain home."
Chuck and Kathy Cooper, Evergreen